Join EVIAFLOAT at EVIASPA as We Educate Houston on FLOATING!

Join us this month as we offer significant savings on Float Therapy in an effort to EDUCATE HOUSTON ON THE MANY BENEFITS OF FLOATING.  It’s a great opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and enjoy your first of, what we’re sure will be, many Floats!  Or if you’re already a seasoned Floater, just enjoy the special savings!  The more you Float, the better it gets and the longer the results last!  Do yourself a favor and Float often to realize all it can do for you!  There is a ton of information about Floating on the EVIAFLOAT Tab on this website, so read up on it.

**Float 3 times in 30 days and receive a 4th Float for 50% OFF!**

-Enjoy a 60 minute Introductory Float at $49 (for 1st time Floaters, normally $59)
-Your second and third Floats are at $59 each (normally $79 each)
-Your 4th Float is 50% OFF! (a total savings of $129  –  WOOHOO!!!)

Don’t delay…this special deal ends soon!

You’re Gonna Love It!

Your Floatation Session
Enjoy a private Spa Suite complete with dressing area, shower, and our State of the Art Evolution Float Pod.You will also receive our 5-star winning customer service, luxury towels, sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and body wash, purified water bottle, earplugs, a variety of soothing music to choose from…ours or yours, and the best part is the results! Floatation therapy or “floating” for short is a highly effective and researched practice that involves individuals relaxing in a state of the art float pod containing 10″ of water which is infused with 1000 lbs of epsom salt. The high level of salt content allows you to float effortlessly, completely removing the pull of gravity from your body. Water is heated to match the surface temperature of your skin creating an environment where your senses gently float away. Lastly, the pod is virtually sound and lightproof and has a neutral smell ridding the body of all external stimulation. Floating has a wide range of applications that can benefit just about anyone which include personal growth and development, enhanced creativity or problem solving, muscle recovery, neck, back, and joint pain relief, and a greater overall sense of well-being to name a few. Floating is for everyone!

1st Float 60 min. Introductory Low Price$59
60 min. Float$79
60 min. Float + Blowout & Style$99
90 min. Float
(not available with online booking)
Series of 3 - 60 min. Floats$199
Series of 6 - 60 min. Floats$360
Series of 3 - 90 min. Floats$289
Series of 6 - 90 min. Floats$540

**Consider adding a 1 hour massage to enhance your relaxation experience (package pricing available).**