Benefits of Floating

Since its invention by scientist John Lilly in 1954, floating or floatation therapy has been used worldwide by thousands of people who have reported an array of positive benefits after floating. Some of the most common benefits noted by individuals following their float session include:

Physical Benefits

  • Decrease in pain with an increase in mood (Endorphins).
  • Initiation and maintaining of weight-loss.
  • Strengthened immune system.
  • Increase in energy levels with reduced fatigue.
  • Elevation in sexual pleasure.
  • A reduction of habits such as smoking, drinking, drug use.
  • Improved quality of sleep

Mental / Emotional Benefits

  • Lowered stress levels significantly.
  • Decreased anxiety, depression, tension, and stress-related illnesses.
  • Reduction of insomnia.
  • Enhanced creativity, imagination, visualization, problem-solving abilities.
  • Increased concentration, memory, and mental clarity.
  • Increased work productivity

Performance / Healing Benefits

  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Facilitation of recovery from injury.
  • Alleviation of neuromuscular aches and pains, inflammation and tendonitis, sprains/strains.
  • Detoxification of the body.
  • Improved sports performance (utilized by Dallas Cowboys)